Neville Smythe wrote:

> So I need some middleware. LC Server would have been ideal, but
> Dreamhost no longer install it ;-(. I particularly could have used
> LC Server to drive mailman distribution list
> subscription/unsubscription tasks from the database for which I do
> not have a good solution at the moment.

I've been a Dreamhost customer for more than a decade, and I don't believe they ever offered a hosting configuration with LiveCode preinstalled.

But many of us have been using LiveCode Server on Dreamhost for a long time. LC Server runs under CGI, a standardized convention for allowing just about any command-line program to be used to augment an Apache web server.

On shared hosts, the directives used to tell Apache to handle certain requests by passing them to another program like LC Server are established in a .htaccess file in the folder those LC files are in.

Give this lesson a go, and let us know if we can lend a hand on any details to get you up and running with LC Server on Dreamhost:

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