The limited documentation is at 
Glad to hear that Elanor might be working on some more documentation. This 
feature (like push notifications and mobile camera) are difficult to test since 
the emulator either doesn’t work or has extremely limited functionality.

I found this code snippet in an old project where I was taking a screenshot of 
part of the screen and trying to share to Facebook or Twitter.

export snapshot from rect tExportRect of this card to file tFilePath as PNG

mergPopActivity "Indiana On Tap just hooked me up!",tFilePath,”"

—Andrew Bell

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> Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2020 12:58:50 +0200
> From: Graham Samuel <>
> To: How to use LiveCode <>
> Subject: LC iOS Command 'mergPopActivity' [was Re: The iOS "Files"
>       folder]
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> I have been trying to use this command, initially to allow an iOS app to put 
> something in the ?Files? folder on an iPhone, but I?m now more interested in 
> the whole idea of Activity Views and how to exploit them in an iOS app. I 
> believe that the LC ?mergPopActivity' command is a wrapper for some function 
> in the iOS native universe - connected with ?UIActivityViewController', but 
> so far I haven?t worked out which one, since I don?t really understand much 
> of Apple?s iOS Developer documentation (I always hope that using LC removes 
> the need to do so!).
> Elanor Buchanan of the mother ship has been extremely helpful about this, and 
> has said she hopes to improve the almost non-existent documentation of this 
> command, but meanwhile I?m interested if anyone on this list has any 
> insights, as I?m quite stuck and don?t want to bug Elanor too much.
> When you invoke the ?mergPopActivity' command in an LC script, it opens a 
> modal window which gives a gateway into services available on your device, 
> like email, printing, saving to ?Files?, sending to social media etc - it 
> depends on what your device is capable of, and the apps it has loaded; so I 
> believe that the LC command essentially implements the ?sharing? activity in 
> iOS, which is usually invoked via an icon consisting of a square with a 
> North-pointing arrow in it. 
> So far so good, but I?ve only been able to do one thing so far, which is to 
> offer a text string originating in the app to these various services. So far 
> I have not been able to find a way to offer a file (for example, a file 
> containing a text rather than the text itself - easy to generate within an 
> app, but no luck in offering to email it etc). There is a ?URL? parameter but 
> I can?t work out what it does.
> Anyone got any clues or shall I apologise (again) to Elanor and ask her for 
> more help?
> Graham
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