Thanks very much for that. Sadly on a first look, in this particular case there 
is little or no additional detail about the command. Nevertheless I think there 
should be a link to the Merg web site in the LC Dictionary itself.

I rely heavily on the Dictionary, and only venture elsewhere when I am 
completely foxed, as with iOS Deployment, for me a nightmare compared with 
simply coding and debugging.

It is also true that the Simulator is very limited, in particular in showing 
what’s happening when things go wrong (silent failure being a factor which has 
bitten me several times). Under the Simulator, my GPS-related app can only use 
a couple of limited examples built in to Xcode.

Probably there is a way to roll your own, but only in the monstrous xCode 
universe, so very different from the familiar environment of LC. I am really 
too old to start learning all that stuff. Apart though from my own bruised ego, 
there is the issue of one of the key USPs of LC - simplicity - being damaged by 
the difficulty of deployment. I’m ranting, I suppose… will study the Merg info, 
but sadly still need Elanor to ride to the rescue!


> On 19 Oct 2020, at 03:23, Andrew at MidWest Coast Media 
> <> wrote:
> The limited documentation is at 
> <>
> Glad to hear that Elanor might be working on some more documentation. This 
> feature (like push notifications and mobile camera) are difficult to test 
> since the emulator either doesn’t work or has extremely limited functionality.
> I found this code snippet in an old project where I was taking a screenshot 
> of part of the screen and trying to share to Facebook or Twitter.
> export snapshot from rect tExportRect of this card to file tFilePath as PNG
> mergPopActivity "Indiana On Tap just hooked me up!",tFilePath,”"
> —Andrew Bell
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>> Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2020 12:58:50 +0200
>> From: Graham Samuel < <>>
>> To: How to use LiveCode < 
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>> Subject: LC iOS Command 'mergPopActivity' [was Re: The iOS "Files"
>>      folder]
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>> I have been trying to use this command, initially to allow an iOS app to put 
>> something in the ?Files? folder on an iPhone, but I?m now more interested in 
>> the whole idea of Activity Views and how to exploit them in an iOS app. I 
>> believe that the LC ?mergPopActivity' command is a wrapper for some function 
>> in the iOS native universe - connected with ?UIActivityViewController', but 
>> so far I haven?t worked out which one, since I don?t really understand much 
>> of Apple?s iOS Developer documentation (I always hope that using LC removes 
>> the need to do so!).
>> Elanor Buchanan of the mother ship has been extremely helpful about this, 
>> and has said she hopes to improve the almost non-existent documentation of 
>> this command, but meanwhile I?m interested if anyone on this list has any 
>> insights, as I?m quite stuck and don?t want to bug Elanor too much.
>> When you invoke the ?mergPopActivity' command in an LC script, it opens a 
>> modal window which gives a gateway into services available on your device, 
>> like email, printing, saving to ?Files?, sending to social media etc - it 
>> depends on what your device is capable of, and the apps it has loaded; so I 
>> believe that the LC command essentially implements the ?sharing? activity in 
>> iOS, which is usually invoked via an icon consisting of a square with a 
>> North-pointing arrow in it. 
>> So far so good, but I?ve only been able to do one thing so far, which is to 
>> offer a text string originating in the app to these various services. So far 
>> I have not been able to find a way to offer a file (for example, a file 
>> containing a text rather than the text itself - easy to generate within an 
>> app, but no luck in offering to email it etc). There is a ?URL? parameter 
>> but I can?t work out what it does.
>> Anyone got any clues or shall I apologise (again) to Elanor and ask her for 
>> more help?
>> Graham
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