Try fullscreenMode "showAll" or "noBorder". I generally use showAll. There will be black bars at the sides or top/bottom on some devices depending on which mode you choose but the advantage is that it retains the stack ratio. At least one dimension will always fit.

You can obscure the black bars by setting the backcolor of the stack to a matching or complimentary color. The unused areas will fill with that color instead of showing black.

On 11/2/20 1:30 PM, Lagi Pittas via use-livecode wrote:

On an IOS app we have been using the

setfullscreenmode of stack "XYZ" to exactfit.

Although it isn't perfect in the sense it doesn't try to use the "notch" it
has been working well.

We have compiled with the latest livecode stable and the latest XCODE and
now the there is
a greater margin on either side and the top (especially on the iphone plus)

We did notice this happened randomly and very very rarely on the previous
version of xcode and the previous stable livecode but it
wasn't a "HARD" error and not on everybody's IPHONE 8 plus

Anybody have any ideas the best way to make the App resize well on all the
new ones?

The dimensions of the stack are 414 by 736 (the logical resolution of the
iphone 8 plus) .

To date it has scaled pretty well down and up but now on the iphone we have
more of it is not scaling up properly.

Any suggestions for making this work SIMPLY ie we don't need it to bother
too much about the notch  as long as it uses as much
real estate for the different sizes. The App looked fine on the X as well
even if it didn't go right down to the bottom.

I am not one to follow the latesdFads ghis is a business program so there
is no dark mode or other stupid ideas to make
people upgrade for no reason other than its different.

Any ideas or help appreciated.


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