I’m having a similar issue with “letterbox” on an a project. It has fit fine 
for years: exact fit on older devices with black bars on top/bottom of newer 
devices. But when I rebuild now, it shows black bars on all 4 sides of an 
iPhone 11. (old build currently on AppStore renders just on top/bottom)

Unfortunately because of how it was designed (for 5s device size with NO resize 
handler), “exactFit” will kill navigation on modern devices. The project needs 
a UI overhaul, and I’m using this as motivation for the client, but it seems 
that somewhere a change was made on how iOS device sizes are determined. I 
noticed a lot of chatter recently about this affecting the iPhone Plus models 
when zoomed. Perhaps Apple made a change in Xcode 11 if nothing has changed in 

-Andrew Bell
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