Found this old thread and forgot that I discovered my problem a few weeks ago, 
so thought I would post in-case it helps anyone else.

I was Copy Files including an info.plist because I had some special permissions 
needed for the app: THIS was the problem. 

Normally I would compile the app, then grab the newly packaged info.plist to 
modify the version/build number and save that back to be included in the app. 
<> for details]
It was the old plist from pre-Storyboard build that was wreaking havoc. There 
was some property that was being copied in addition to the new Storyboard 
properties, but that old property was somehow dictating the device dimensions 
and reporting them wrong. As soon as I recompiled once WITHOUT including an old 
info.plist in the Copy Files for the Standalone, everything rendered in a 
reasonable manner.

YMMV, but this was an oddity that eluded me for far too many billable hours.

—Andrew Bell

On 11/2/20 1:30 PM, Lagi Pittas via use-livecode wrote:
> Hi,
> On an IOS app we have been using the
> setfullscreenmode of stack "XYZ" to exactfit.
> Although it isn't perfect in the sense it doesn't try to use the "notch" it
> has been working well.
> We have compiled with the latest livecode stable and the latest XCODE and
> now the there is
> a greater margin on either side and the top (especially on the iphone plus)
> We did notice this happened randomly and very very rarely on the previous
> version of xcode and the previous stable livecode but it
> wasn't a "HARD" error and not on everybody's IPHONE 8 plus
> Anybody have any ideas the best way to make the App resize well on all the
> new ones?
> The dimensions of the stack are 414 by 736 (the logical resolution of the
> iphone 8 plus) .
> To date it has scaled pretty well down and up but now on the iphone we have
> more of it is not scaling up properly.
> Any suggestions for making this work SIMPLY ie we don't need it to bother
> too much about the notch  as long as it uses as much
> real estate for the different sizes. The App looked fine on the X as well
> even if it didn't go right down to the bottom.
> I am not one to follow the latesdFads ghis is a business program so there
> is no dark mode or other stupid ideas to make
> people upgrade for no reason other than its different.
> Any ideas or help appreciated.
> Lagi

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