Sorry, I meant execution errors. You're supposed to read my mind. I keep telling my husband that but he doesn't always get it either. ;)

I've used the built-in error reporting mechanism in the past and it worked well; I usually choose the email option and it works on both deaktop and mobile. I wasn't aware it was broken. I think it would be difficult to include that automatically since it requires some input, at least an email address and ideally a prompt. I suppose a default file could be generated but the user wouldn't know it unless they were notified.

Lately I've been catching the errorDialog message and handling it myself. But thinking back to the built-in method, I think it did include the definitions. It's been a while since we got one of those, but I vaguely recall reading an email and understanding the problem without needing to look up any numbers. In that case we just need to include error handling in standalone settings, which apparently adds the definitions to the app.

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Compiler errors or execution errors?

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