Comments people were making to William in the Design Question thread
have caused me to question some things and I am going to the list here
to get an answer.

 Can Livecode edit existing PDF files? I would think this far beyond
its scope and just not the sort of thing it would be involved with. Am
I wrong on that though?

 At my work we have a, frankly stupid, situation that could be made so
much easier if we had software do a simple function. All that is needed
is that a PDF file that comes to me gets some of its text changed and
the changes are according to a specific pattern.

 I thought about getting around to making something that would do that
in one of the more powerful scripting languages. However, if I could use
Livecode it would have some advantages. Namely it would be easier to
create and be very multi-platform.

 So here I am having assumed that Livecode is not a tool that could
do what I want but now asking can I use it to automate editing text in a
PDF file?

 The edits are simple, BTW. I work at an airport and it would just need
to replace a flight number with the flight number and code next to it.
The code is always the same for a particular route.

 So for example, if the incoming PDF has the text "WS252" on it I would
want it changed to "WS252 LV". Each file would have 20-30 flights to
change like this.


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