If you are talking about form data, there IS a way to configure a PDF so that 
it reads a data file contains just form data and populates with the new data. 
This works with Mac and Windows, and I assume with Linux, but the caveat is 
that the PDF has to be configured to do this first.

The format is not difficult to grok. I use it in my Forms Generator app 
extensively to fill blank forms with data from an SQL server. I have handlers 
for reading and creating these files (they end in .fdf). It get’s a little more 
difficult to understand when dealing with things like check boxes and radio 
buttons, and especially tables. For instance the two default values for a 
checkbox (unless you modify the checkbox object in the PDF) is false and yes.

My application has an interface for importing a pre-existing fillable form 
(preconfigured to read the pdf file of course), creating relationships between 
the database columns and the form objects, and saving those relationships along 
with the binary data to recreate the pdf on demand, in the SQL database.

Is that what you need?

Bob S

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At my work we have a, frankly stupid, situation that could be made so
much easier if we had software do a simple function. All that is needed
is that a PDF file that comes to me gets some of its text changed and
the changes are according to a specific pattern.

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