Bob S:

 Thanks for replying to my post. It seems the situation is as I thought
although making a GUI with Livecode to activate an external library is
easier than using other tools to make a GUI for an external library.
When I started this conversation I assumed I would something like that.

 No, it is not form data we are dealing with. A static, non-secure, PDF
file is sent to us. We print it, scan it, label the flights with the
needed codes by hand, scan the printed copy with the labels and email
the scan to someone.

 Hoping to improve the situation to at least the point where they send
the PDF file and then we run a programme that creates a new PDF which
is sent back to the originator.

 I have successfully used the FDF data format for something unrelated
but at work in the past. It would be great if it were the case here, but
alas, it is not.

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