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What are you looking for?  When were these "good ol days" in which one could run stack files without an engine, and how did that work?

I can describe what I would like; that may be similar to what Roger is looking for. Or it may not.
But I think it is :-)

I'd like to be able to develop a stack and give it to a friends or family, and have them run it on their iOS or Android devices. I don't want to get involved in building iOS standalones (or even installing xCode), so ideally I would give them a simple app (i.e. stackRunner kind of thing), and then my "app" as a document to load into that 'runner' app.

There are many reasons it would be problematic to make one generic "player" for everyone's stack files, mostly user experience but also app store restrictions, and additional technical requirements for any devs using it to keep stacks playing nicely together.

I'm not going to sell apps, or distribute them widely, so I (don't think I) care about app store restrictions. I also don't care about 'user experience' in the sense of branding or feeling like a unique app.

I'm not sure what you mean by  "additional technical requirements..."

If that's feasible, I'd happily buy (or contribute cost towards) such a 'runner' app. I doubt that I'd be the only one.


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