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This makes the Community Edition a natural fit for a generic player, since the proliferation the license explicitly encourages would be very much with the grain of its goals.

But then we have to ask: how many of those who might enjoy a generic player embrace the GPL with the stacks they'd like to distribute it with?

hmmm - I don't get that bit.

The generic player would be built with Community Edition - and hence must be GPL-compliant.

However, the stacks it "plays" are merely documents. GPL is (afaiu) clear that documents viewed (or indeed created) by GPL apps are not covered by the GPL - i.e. it does not proliferate into the stacks. The stacks are not in any way derivative of the player.

So I could build a stack with my Indy license, and distribute that under any restrictive licensing terms I choose, but use the CE/GPL compliant player app to run them.

Of course, the source of the stacks would be visible, but there wouldn't seem to be any requirement on which licensing terms I apply to that stack.

Or, I may be misunderstanding GPL again - I have done on many occasions since I first hired a developer to work on gcc back in the mid-80s :-)


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