I am following this with interest because, as I have previously lamented, I 
would like to give away apps to colleagues without the huge, incomprehensible 
headache of certificates, signing and notarising etc.

I want to make absolutely sure that I understand it correctly, that a player 
app which was enabled to run on a machine (either by user or the more formal 
method) could be designed to list and run any number of stacks distributed as 
stacks, and placed in a designated folder or sub folder.

If correct, doesn’t that:

A/  Enable distribution and updating of any LC ‘app’ simply by the prospective 
user dropping it into the correct folder?  (AKA ‘the good old days')

B/  Undermine the fundamental intention of certification in the first place?  
(Personally, I would trust Livecoders, and indeed often run posted stacks 
without a second thought, but what if Richmond* went over to the dark side?) 


David G

* Selected not because I think he might, but because the idea is amusing
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