> you may already know this, but this will not work in a standalone!
> We will surely not have write permissions in that folder!
> As a workaround I would probably use -> specialfolderpath("temporary")
> Or even write the text to -> the tempname

I find this discussions strange - I had the impression most users here were Mac 
developers and knew this stuff.

There is no problem writing to the resources folder. That’s the logical place 
to put the user-changeable stack files for a standalone, making the auxiliary 
files invisible to external fiddling by the user,  which a Good Thing (although 
that does make the app look different on Windows or Linux).

As for the Good Old Days of free distribution to other Mac (desktop) users, 
they haven’t gone. Apple is making it harder for the uninitiated to find out 
how to open “unsafe” files, but they don't keep it a secret. And while recent 
rumours abound  about unnotarized apps not working at all on some future MacOS, 
it does seem unlikely that will actually happen, and if they do that’s time for 
us all to reboot to Linux.


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