I apologize for the confusion. I tended to shift focus throughout this thread.

I too have, in the past, made and distributed standalones with great ease. But 
recently Apple and perhaps others have made it very difficult to do this as 
they are now requiring(?) that one be an Apple developer with an increasingly 
complex process for certifying apps for distribution.

In this thread, others have claimed that one can still do this (build 
distributable standalones w/o being an Apple developer etc.) with a slightly 
more convoluted process which I have not yet been able to replicate on Mac OS 
11.2. I’m still working on it. In any case it is not as easy as it use to be 
and IMO, this door may be closing.

All I want is a simple reliable, repeatable easy to use method/process for 
sharing stacks or Standalones with friends, family and colleagues without 
having to become an Apple developer. 

So Craig, I would appreciate knowing more about your process.



> I make and update standalones regularly on my Mac, and distribute them to 
> many Windows and Mac desktop users in my company. All for “personal’ use.

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