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On 3/29/2021 3:36 PM, Alex Tweedly via use-livecode wrote:
there is some way to allow unsigned apps to run on all current and foreseeable versions of the desktop OSes

I think your assumption that you will be able - even via some horribly convoluted series of steps - to run unsigned and unnotarized apps on FUTURE versions of macOS is probably in error. From Apple's actions and statements, they very much are moving to a similar sandboxed, highly vetted, approved by Apple model for macOS as exists for iOS apps.

It's only an assumption for "the foreseeable versions". I do agree with you that in the long term this will, or might, become either impossible or so burdensome it's not worth it.

But at that point, we don't know what will be possible.  MacOS may by then be so tied up that it has become equivalent to iOS. The disappointing part of this thread, for me, was how quickly those in the know convinced me there was no chance of a 'runner' app for mobile (in particular, iOS). I think by the time it becomes infeasible to circumvent the protections on MacOS, it will also be infeasible to produce a signed 'general runner' app for it.


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