You and I are very much in the same boat as far as how we use LiveCode.

The problem is not constructing the standalones. LiveCode is superb in this 
regard. The problem is distributing Apple unapproved standalones. It seems I 
can no longer do that anymore as I used to. The problem is that opening an 
unapproved standalone on an other computer other than one’s own is difficult if 
not impossible for OS 11.2. Other’s in this thread have offered that it still 
can be done albeit with a more convoluted process, and I am still trying to 
figure this out. e.g if I send a standalone to my wife (called StackOmatic) to 
share, we inevitably end up with the  "You do not have permission to open the 
application “StackOmatic”. “Contact your computer or network administrator for 
assistance” with a simple “OK” button. I can’t seem to replicate the process 
that others have suggested to get to the “Open Anyway” button.


> On Mar 29, 2021, at 11:20 AM, Craig Newman via use-livecode 
> <> wrote:
> For about eight users in my business I distribute standalones for desktop 
> only, both Mac and Windows versions. These are developed on a Mac. Simple to 
> update and make, simple to give away, simple to use.
> That is the aspect of this thread that I do not understand, perhaps 
> misreading that it is somehow problematic to do what I do without issue. I am 
> certain I simply have this wrong.
> I do all this in the Community version. I do not sell apps at all, though I 
> own an Indy license just as a way to help LC a little. So I wonder if I am a 
> scofflaw. If everyone was on a Mac, I might have simply distributed updated 
> stacks, and have LC resident on all the other machines. But of course, the 
> fact that most use Windows makes that impossible, and I will not use a 
> Windows machine unless I have to. Anyway, leaving the IDE open is risky.

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