On 29/03/2021 22:11, Roger Guay via use-livecode wrote:
Thanks, Alex. Unfortunately it comes up with the “No Entry” sign on this 


I'm not exactly sure what message this is, or when it happens. But this sounds like "Fortunately, ..." because I think it means you have an app that hits a brickwall of permission on your own machine - so we can look at it in more detail without bothering your wife's many multiple windows.

It's hard to describe these things in words - hence my suggestion of a Zoom call where you can screen-share and let others watch (and suggest) while you try it. If you want to try that with just me, please do (I'm unavailable for the next hour, but free from approx 00:30 - 01:30 UK time), or tomorrow almost any time, given some notice).
Or contact me off-list and we'll find a time.
Or suggest a time and someone else might be able to join in and help.

There are lots of motivated people wanting to help - or to find out what they're going to need to tell their own users when those users upgrade to a later MacOS. :-)


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