Thanks for the hint, Panos - that is useful to mention for those who want to 
try it.
However, that is not my problem - I’ve already done that! 

Kangaroo’s stack works as advertised, as is (with dp-4 mod): 

But when I try to use the code, either like in the original, where it is 
inserted by an LC script in preOpenStack, or by extracting the actual js and 
putting it into the html file beforehand, it just doesn’t trigger. I get no 
error message, js or LC, it just does nothing.

Actually, it was the same with the ”Meeting space” demo, which has a slightly 
different scroll wheel script. At first, I took both the resize js and the 
scroll js from there, but only the resize part works for me. It’s strange since 
my portal solution apparently catches resize events and passes them on to 
topStack, but fails to catch/pass scroll events…

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