Hi Jacque,

1. I can’t test on Android, but I doubt an Android native field would solve the 
problem here, as the platform is Web, thus not really natively Android. The LC 
web engine doesn’t seem to know where it is running, apart from "in a browser”… 
But do try putting an Android native field in your test stack and see what 
happens. I’ll test an iOS field and see what I get.

2. I confirm the slider widget/object looks and functions horribly on iOS and 
macOS too. See next point.

3. Motif makes most standard LC objects look horrible, but the mothership has 
promised to get rid of that in future releases (please hurry! :).

As to getting scrollers to work, some js seems necessary - see the excellent 
work by Kangaroo in the forum: 
Hopefully that solution can be applied to sliders too. Again, I doubt the 
native mobile scroller would work, because platform = web.

Actually, my next step is anyway to test scroller stuff in my portal - I’ll 
make sure to try not just fields but also the slider. I’ll be back! :)

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