I have just created my first web deployment and I'm *very* impressed. I didn't need to change any of the original scripts, the only changes were for visual elements that were different when run in a browser. Aside from appearance, the scripts ran flawlessly.

On desktop it's great in all three browsers I tested on. But I ran into issues when running in mobile browsers on Android. Does anyone know how to fix these things:

1. Editable fields fail with both SwiftKey and GBoard keyboards, though they fail in different ways. The cursor is misaligned on GBoard, I can't type spaces in SwiftKey, and it is impossible to drag-select text in either one. Do I need an Android native field? Right now I'm just using LC fields.

2. The slider widget does not allow dragging the round indicator button. I can tap the bar to get an approximate setting but fine tuning with the slider button is impossible. Rather than slide, the whole web canvas moves instead.

3. I have some scrolling fields and the default Motif scrollbar looks awful. How do I implement a native browser scroller? Should I use the scripts I use for mobile devices? What's the best way to implement scrolling fields?

All in all, everything else works, which is really quite incredible.

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