On 10/10/2015 11:11 PM, Monte Goulding wrote:

No I haven’t reported it. I got the impression from the discussion that it was 
never intended to support the properties so it wouldn’t happen. I’m about to 
propose (on the engine forum) a refactor of the properties property (which I’ll 
do if they want me to) that will essentially make the properties property self 
maintaining rather than the current situation which means the list of 
properties for an object type needs to be maintained manually. This wasn’t 
possible before the refactor and there’s still a few issues like identifying 
which synonym of a property is the one to use in the properties array and which 
properties should be in the array. The end result will mean the properties of a 
widget will be kind + the standard properties for a control + the standard 
properties for an object.

Oh, please do. I hate that manual updating thing.

 Mark Wieder

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