> On 11 Oct 2015, at 10:10 pm, Mark Waddingham <m...@livecode.com> wrote:
> Basically, we needed sideline information which wasn't suitable for inclusion 
> in the actual module format, and thus it seemed sensible to put the other 
> information the IDE would need in the manifest too rather than it having to 
> both interrogate an XML file *and* introspect on the loaded module).

Ah, forgot about stuff like property editors being in there.
> At some point the metadata expressed in widget lcb files might well get put 
> into the compiled module blob - but it seemed more expedient whilst 
> developing the ideas to keep it separate as it is easier to change the XML 
> format that is emitted and read than it is the compiled module blob format.

Fair enough

> The export to array stuff is the best (future) basis for things such as 
> lcVCS. Indeed eventually, if it was rolled out across all engine objects, the 
> stackfile format would become arrayEncode(stackExportedToArray("my stack")) - 
> although that would require a much more efficient arrayEncode format 
> (something which has been at the back of my mind for ages - but nothing I've 
> had time to put into action).

Wouldn’t it also bloat the file format considerably with array keys? I guess 
the advantages will probably outweigh the disadvantages though. You would never 
need to worry about file format changes again unless you had to change the 
arrayEncode format.
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