On 2015-10-11 02:18, Monte Goulding wrote:
Yes this is an odd one which I’ve queried before. You can now use
export widget to array to get the widget defined properties as they
will be saved. I don’t think this includes the base object properties
like visible, rect, disabled etc though. This is one of the things I
need to investigate if I ever have time to get lcVCS working on LC 8…

Well I added a minimal 'export widget to array' command precisely for use by lcVCS (as well as the 'is really a <Type>' operators).

As it stands it returns a standard array structure which encodes the internal state required by a widget to reconstruct it's portion of things. The eventual aim is that the command will work on any object to return its internal structure in a similar way.

The 'parent' properties aren't currently there because none of the engine object classes (apart from Widget) currently implement an appropriate 'export to array' mechanism; and I figured it would be easy enough for you to leverage existing lcVCS code to fetch the small set of base properties that also need to be saved.

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