Try this:

on mouseUp
  put "This is [[ foo() ]] a test" into s
  put merge(s)
  put foo()
end mouseUp

function foo
  return 1 + "string"
end foo

Observed result:
"This is a test" appears in the Message Box

Expected result:
LC would throw an error in the foo function.

Now comment out the line that calls merge and try again.

Observed result:  foo triggers an error, as expected.

This suggests that not only are errors within merge operations ignored (something worth exploring in itself), but once an error is encountered in a merge operation execution seems to stop, but silently.

Bug or feature?

My instincts say "bug", but this appears to be consistent in v6.7 through 8.1, so maybe there's some benefit to this that's not obvious to me.

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