Interesting. If merge is indeed thwarting normal error handling then that may be related.

I just filed a report on this:

I added a second test in which the merge call is within a try block, with even weirder results than the first exercise (see the notes there).

There may be a good reason for this behavior, but at the moment it eludes me and has made some work I need to do with that function very cumbersome, since I have no error reporting when things go wrong, just mystifying silence.

 Richard Gaskin
 Fourth World Systems

semi related, but since 8.*  I'm seeing errors that block execution but never 
throw an error dialog as such… I have turned on debugging and am trying to 
watch for a recipe. But there are times when

stack script: edit/compile (no error thrown)
botton: calls function or fires command in stack script.


Debugger opens with the function call in the button flagged… but in fact the 
error is in the definition of the function in the stack script. go back to 
stack script

"oh sheesh… typo in that variable name…"

could be my own ignorance…

On 9/21/16, 6:40 AM, "use-livecode on behalf of Richard Gaskin" 
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    This suggests that not only are errors within merge operations ignored
    (something worth exploring in itself), but once an error is encountered
    in a merge operation execution seems to stop, but silently.

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