Graham Samuel write:

> I have a situation where I want to close a stack and then delete it,
> so that it no  longer exists in memory and so that no naming
> conflicts occur when I load a fresh stack with the same name. This
> used to work - part of a script running in a different stack to the
> one being deleted:
>   set the cantDelete of stack "myDataStack" to false
>   set the destroyStack of stack "myDataStack" to true
>   set the destroyWindow of stack "myDataStack" to true
>   close stack "myDataStack" -- this should ensure that there are no
> messages operating in that stack
>   delete stack "myDataStack" -- this should remove it from memory

Here I can create a new stack, save it, then run:

   delete stack "stackname" the Message Box and the stack both disappears from screen and is removed from the Project Browser.

One small bug: if I then set the stack's destroyStack to true, save it, then close it, the Project Browser still lists it until I close and then re-open the PB. That seems a bug.

But as for the script above, if that worked as shown in earlier versions it may be that a bug was fixed:

When I set the stack's cantDelete property to true and then try to delete it, I get:

   Error with "delete stack "stackname""at line 0: stack locked,
   or object's script is executing

Once I turn off the cantDelete property, the stack can then be deleted as expected.

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