On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 7:04 PM, Monte Goulding <mo...@appisle.net> wrote:

> There’s your problem. Sounds like staying on 7 is painful right now.
> What are the bug report numbers for the issues causing you pain?

I'm doing this so that I *CAN* file the bug report for this bit where the
engine throws errors on startup.

They're different in 7 and 8, but 8 just chopped 4.6k lines from 11.2k
lines of script in about a minute.

I"m now alternating between 8 to strip, and 7.1.3 to insure that it still
occurs.  Hopefully the bug is in the same spot in both, although 8 seems to
recover . . ..

(meanwhile, 7.1.4 is at 33 minutes)

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