On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 7:16 PM, Monte Goulding <mo...@appisle.net> wrote:

> What kind of errors? Startup in the IDE or standalone?

The IDE.

It throws an error apparently coming from trying to resize the message box,
and refers to a blank line of code in the engine . . .

Naturally, if i use an answer/breakpoint pair to let me step through the
script, it does not occur . . .

I've got it down to three small stacks, having edited out a couple of
megabytes of script, that I'll submit come morning (my wife has been trying
to feed me for a couple of hours).

Now it only misfires in 7 (but in8.1, it doesn't close the splash stack,
which does happen in 7).

I'll see if I can produce one that misfires in 8, too.

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