On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 7:01 AM, Ralph DiMola <rdim...@evergreeninfo.net>

> I was on 6.7.6 up to 4 weeks ago. There was some pain but not as bad as I
> thoug

I never ended up using 6; the global shade problem was so much worse than 5
that I just  couldn't get anything done.  By the time it was solved (well,
I assumed it was solved) I was using 7 for the pixelScale on individual

I"d still rate the final release of 7 as beta, not release, quality . . .

And speaking of those shadows, before I forget again, it may be tied to
errors in explicit variables--I eventually found a couple of local
declarations for variables used as globals that survived for literally
years, somehow compiling.   I suppose I should have flagged them to go
back, but I just removed them in irritation.

I haven't hit an incorrect shadow in months now . . .

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