During the conference a calendar widget was used in the widget course.
The original author is Elanor Buchanan.
I think it is a wonderful example of what widgets can do. Elanor did a very
good job.

I extended the calendar to add some useful features.

You can choose via the properties inspector the sytem abbreviated names for
month names and day names. Thus using the localized names.
Default english

The option to start the week on Mondays which is the case in many countries.
Default Sunday

Clicking on Month/Year in the title bar brings up the current date

The option that the font size adapts to the size of the widget (default)

The calendar widget uses a library also written by Elanor Buchanan

to install the widget download and unzip


inside the folder there are two .lce files:


Use the Extension Manager in the Tool Menu to install the files one by one
by using the Plus-sign in the upper right corner of the Extension Manager.

The Extension Manager will then install those extensions in your
"extensions" folder in your "My LiveCode" folder

You might want to restart Livecode and you should see in your toolbar a
widget "calendarBN" with a calendar icon.

You can change a number of properties, please see the dictionary entry API:
Choose API: CalendarBN

Calendar sends a dateChanged message when the user clicks on a date. You add
this script to the widget to react to the message.

on dateChanged pDate
        put pDate into field "myDate"
end dateChanged

Kind regards

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