Hi Roger,

Hermann Hoch just informed me that recompiling 
using 8.1.0 made the calendar widget work for Windows 7

To do this you would move the 
community.livecode.elanor.datesupport.1.0.0 folder from your "My Livecode"->
"extensions" folder to some other place, e.g. desktop

Restart Livecode

open "Tools" -> "Extension Builder" and locate the .lcb file inside the
folder on your desktop using the folder icon on the top right corner of
Extension builder. Then do "Test" if it compiles then do "Install" and it
will install the "datesupport" folder in your  "My Livecode"-> "extensions"
Restart Livecode and the calendar widget should work. (fingers crossed)

If this works for your then it would be a good lead to where the error

Kind regards


Roger Eller wrote
> It worked fine for me in Mac OS 10.11.6 (LiveCode 8.1.0 Indy), but failed
> in Windows 7 (LiveCode 8.1.0 Indy)
> <https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54789013/LC_errors/CalendarFAIL_Win7.png>
> .
> ~Roger

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