Hi all,

> Am 18.10.2016 um 17:06 schrieb Bob Sneidar <bobsnei...@iotecdigital.com>:
> Using 8.1.0

runs fine on my Mac on LC 8.1.1 RC2!

>> On Oct 18, 2016, at 07:59 , Bob Sneidar <bobsnei...@iotecdigital.com> wrote:
>> I get Module Format not supported. 
>> Bob S
>>> On Oct 18, 2016, at 05:07 , BNig <bernd.niggem...@uni-wh.de> wrote:
>>> During the conference a calendar widget was used in the widget course.
>>> The original author is Elanor Buchanan.
>>> I think it is a wonderful example of what widgets can do. Elanor did a very
>>> good job.
>>> I extended the calendar to add some useful features.
>>> You can choose via the properties inspector the sytem abbreviated names for
>>> month names and day names. Thus using the localized names.
>>> Default english
>>> The option to start the week on Mondays which is the case in many countries.
>>> Default Sunday
>>> Clicking on Month/Year in the title bar brings up the current date
>>> The option that the font size adapts to the size of the widget (default)
>>> The calendar widget uses a library also written by Elanor Buchanan
>>> "datesupport"
>>> to install the widget download and unzip
>>> http://www.berndniggemann.on-rev.com/calendar/calendar.zip
>>> inside the folder there are two .lce files:
>>> community.livecode.elanor.datesupport.1.0.0.lce
>>> community.livecode.elanorb.calendarBN.1.0.0.lce
>>> Use the Extension Manager in the Tool Menu to install the files one by one
>>> by using the Plus-sign in the upper right corner of the Extension Manager.
>>> The Extension Manager will then install those extensions in your
>>> "extensions" folder in your "My LiveCode" folder
>>> You might want to restart Livecode and you should see in your toolbar a
>>> widget "calendarBN" with a calendar icon.
>>> You can change a number of properties, please see the dictionary entry API:
>>> Choose API: CalendarBN
>>> Calendar sends a dateChanged message when the user clicks on a date. You add
>>> this script to the widget to react to the message.
>>> on dateChanged pDate
>>>     put pDate into field "myDate"
>>> end dateChanged
>>> Kind regards
>>> Bernd

thanks a lot, Bernd!



Klaus Major

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