I know Heather has just made some changes to try to solve the 'bounce' problem. But I think in doing so a new problem has arisen.

It used to be that email from the list showed up as
   'from' : someu...@theiraddress.com
   'reply-to' : use-livecode@lists.runrev.com

They now show up as
   'from' : How to use Livecode <use-livecode@lists.runrev.com>
   'cc' : someu...@theiraddress.com

which is (for me at least) much less convenient.
Previously I could sit there in my email client, and immediately see who had sent each email on the list, so it was very easy to look back to remind myself what an individual had said - indeed it was even easy to search for their emails using the "Find" feature.

Now that's impossible - all emails in the thread appear from the same address, and need to be individually opened to see who they were from, and so searching for a reply that I remember ws from (say) Richard is much harder.

Unless there a real advantage that I can't think of, or a need, for this change, could I please plead with Heather to reverse that particular change.


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