Having more or less sorted code signing for a Windows app - thanks to 
contributors to this list - I am now trying to do the same for the Mac, but I 
have clearly missed some massive chunk of the work flow.

I’m a registered developer. I want to distribute my apps outside of the Apple 
App Store. I realise that I have to generate a Certificate Signing Request 
(actually two, one for the app itself and one for its installer): I have done 
this, but now I am stuck. It says in the very convoluted Apple documentation 
(convoluted if you’re not going down the XCode/Apple Store path):

> Upload the certificate request to the certificate authority (for example, to 
> Apple using the developer portal, as part of the certificate generation flow).
I cannot see a way to do this in the Developer Portal. Obviously thousands of 
people have done it, but I just can’t see how.

TIA for any nice clear simple explanation!


I’m even more in need of a LiveCode app deployment guide than ever…
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