Turns out there is a Google Static Map api. I’m trying to use it, but get no 
response from my code that indicates an error.
The Static Maps API URL is: 

From the dictionary, it looks like I can do this: (this is the example in the 
google docs. It gives me a map when I put the URL into the browser). 
on mouseUp

  put mapURL() into tURL

  put tURL

   put URL tURL into x

   put x into image  “myGMap” —This, obviously won’t work. See below. 

end mouseUp

function mapURL

 into retURL

     return retURL

end mapURL

I get text back that looks like that below. It is obviously in some format I 
can decode in Livecode. I’ve just reached my comfort level with this. How 
should I decode this. so I can set the imagedata to it?
Bill P

—start of returned text


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