Here is how I get directions in a map:

on mouseUp pMouseBtnNo
 into theURL
   put the dgHilitedLine of group "dgSites" into theHilitedLine
   put the dgDataOfLine [thehilitedline] of group "dgSites" into aRecordData
   put urlencode(aRecordData["addr1"]) & "+" & \
         urlencode(aRecordData["city"]) & "+" & \
         urlencode(aRecordData["state"]) & "+" & \
         urlencode(aRecordData["zip"]) into theAddress
   set the clipboarddata to \
         aRecordData["addr1"] & space & \
         aRecordData["city"] & space & \
         aRecordData["state"] & space & \
   put theURL & urlencode(theAddress) into theURL
   launch url theURL
end mouseUp

Note I have hardcoded the start location into the URL, but that can be dealt 
with easy enough. Also I am pullign data from a datagrid, but that also can be 
sussed out easily enough. This *should* work in a browser object, no? 

Bob S

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