Richmond wrote:

> So, backwards compatibility does not interest you?
> I, for one, run Mac Machines running MacOS 10.4 PPC.
> A lot of these machine are being dumped in poor countries where they
> can be used for good purposes.

I can appreciate the desire to get full life out of hardware, and indeed it would be nice of Apple continued supporting older machines.

But the choice to stop supporting older hardware and OS versions is Apple's, not LiveCode's.

Moreover, there is a solution available to extend the life of otherwise-unsupported hardware: Linux.

Using a supported version of an OS that's receiving critical security patches along with other updates is the safest choice, and one that could not be more economical given a purchase price for most Linux distros of zero.

For hardware that old you may find Lubuntu more satisfying than Ubuntu or other distros with steeper RAM and graphics requirements. Both Alejandro and myself use Lubuntu and have found LiveCode runs quite well on it.

In fact, if you use my LiveNet plugin (bundled in the IDE; see Development -> Plugins -> GoLiveNet) the feeds on the second card there are aggregated, packaged, and posted every five minutes by a LiveCode app running on my Lubuntu box.

You can find more info on Lubuntu for PPC here:

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