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> Richmond wrote:
> > So, backwards compatibility does not interest you?
> >
> > I, for one, run Mac Machines running MacOS 10.4 PPC.
> >
> > A lot of these machine are being dumped in poor countries where they
> > can be used for good purposes.
> I can appreciate the desire to get full life out of hardware, and indeed
> it would be nice of Apple continued supporting older machines.
> But the choice to stop supporting older hardware and OS versions is
> Apple's, not LiveCode's.
> Moreover, there is a solution available to extend the life of
> otherwise-unsupported hardware: Linux.
> Using a supported version of an OS that's receiving critical security
> patches along with other updates is the safest choice, and one that could
> not be more economical given a purchase price for most Linux distros of
> zero.
> For hardware that old you may find Lubuntu more satisfying than Ubuntu or
> other distros with steeper RAM and graphics requirements.  Both Alejandro
> and myself use Lubuntu and have found LiveCode runs quite well on it.
> In fact, if you use my LiveNet plugin (bundled in the IDE; see Development
> -> Plugins -> GoLiveNet) the feeds on the second card there are aggregated,
> packaged, and posted every five minutes by a LiveCode app running on my
> Lubuntu box.
> You can find more info on Lubuntu for PPC here:
> <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCDownloads>
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But even with PPC Linux to revive old hardware, if LiveCode usage is your
end game, there isn't a PPC Linux version (or is there?).

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