I wrote support "complaining" that after I clear the

on mouseup

end mouseUp

that is inserted in button scripts by default, apply, close, save. Then later 
if one inadvertently opens the script of that button, the script is reinserted. 
Panos replied this is the default behavior….gave me a hack to

" edit the script of stack "revSEUtilities" at 1097"

and remove the l nes that inserted that automatically. For this to persist you 
have to get hands dirty changing permission in the bundle, save the stack 
etc…then of course on upgrade.. that's gone…  Quite a hack

Now that I'm slowly mastering the separation of code from GUI, I find myself 
more and more leaving buttons empty and then using, farther up the hierarchy 
(in a behavior, or back script)

on mouseup
   put the short name of the target into tMouseEvent
switch tMouseEvent
   case "whatever
end switch
end mouseup

of course if your button ends up with

on mouseup
end mouseup

and you don't pass… your script appears "dead"   as it never gets the target 

This same thing is also happening to widget that I remove the scripts from 
completely.  which is even more irritating, since in someone's infinite wisdom 
they assumed  we always want to toggle the hilite of the widget. This is so 
persistent that I have come not to a) set the color of the widget b) set the 
hilite color the same so that if that Toggle command gets back in there.. 
nothing happens, visually, because if you save the stack after the highlight is 
toggle it is "stuck" with the hilite color.  (a gotcha for newbies too)

so, does it make sense to request a feature enhancement to add a preference to 
*not* insert any handler in buttons/widgets, whose scripts are empty if 
inadvertently opened?  there would need to be a way to differentiate between 
one newly created vs one that was previously instantiated, whose script had 
been emptied and saved


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