ha… that's a simple hack… I might use 


instead… though these all start showing up in PB as have in a 1 line script.. 
which I guess is server explanatory.

panos wrote me back today say he thinks the default behavior is good for 
newbies. which it probably is.

Theoretically the IDE *could* use some AI on this

a) It must know if the object did not exist before
b) if so, insert the script
c) if not (i.e the object existed before) then don’t insert a script.

am I being too simplistic?

Anyway… back to work… I now have a control with multiple objects. It does have 
it's own on resizecontrol script, all of which refer to "me" and the card rect… 
all the rest of the script are external… that's just "so cool" all these years 
my code was "all over the place" an now, slowing we are able to build a rather 
large framework and still have it be comprehensible… awesome.  We are  bearing 
down now… hope to have V1 in the store by July 1-15


On 6/19/17, 9:49 AM, "use-livecode on behalf of J. Landman Gay via 
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    I sometimes just replace the default entry with a single space and save 
    it that way. Then it doesn't ask me again.
    I wouldn't mind a preference to turn off the default scripts.

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