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so, does it make sense to request a feature enhancement to add a
preference to*not*  insert any handler in buttons/widgets, whose
scripts are empty if inadvertently opened?  there would need to be
a way to differentiate between one newly created vs one that was
previously instantiated, whose script had been emptied and saved

But, if you simply close the control’s script after inspecting it
without ‘saving’ it, then the control has no script, so there’s no
need to try to save an empty script. The control only has an empty
mouseUp handler if you save it that way.

Right, but every time you open the script and then close it again, it keeps asking if you want to save the default. It gets irritating.

I sometimes just replace the default entry with a single space and save it that way. Then it doesn't ask me again.

I wouldn't mind a preference to turn off the default scripts.
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