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One day I dream of an object reference that we can get and use that is not a 
string that needs to be resolved every time it’s used but a direct reference to 
the object. Perhaps if someone tries to do a string operation on it then it 
would be turned into a long id string just like when someone tries to do “1” + 
1 it’s turned into a number. But if it’s just passed around or stored in a 
custom property then it remains a resolved handle to the object and can cope 
with things like the ID or name or filename being changed in the session. If we 
had that we would want things like `is a {stack | card | button …}` and `{stack 
| card | mainstack} of`.

...and then...
we could name them 'pointers' and 'handles' and I'd be very happy.

 Mark Wieder

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