I'm pretty much fed up with Spotlight.

On Linux apps I use Locate, which is really efficient.

but setting up and keep the locate dbase on mac is also frought with issues.  
it will not index $Home

which is weird.

FIND is slower of course, but perfectly effective.


find ~/ -iname *.livecode

from terminal get me *every* with .livecode in my user folder. in my UI's for 
locate I just get all the results into a var, then filter that var with strings 
and update the results field… works great, very fast.

But this, inside the msg box:

put "find ~/ -iname *.livecode" into tShell
put shell(tShell)

is only returning a single line:

/Users/Brahmanathaswami//OneDrive/_RevData/Books in Rev/HAP_Trilogy Reader 

Why don't we get all the results we do in terminal?


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