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try it in msg

put $HOME 

see the dictionary for $  

but this is one more of those "Alice in wonderland features" of LC that you 
will only discover after you fall into the hole (hehe)  like the long owner of 
the target

"why index" 

to locate and find return the long paths to the files discovered. 

this has very high utility for "fuzzy" logic filtering based on simple LC 
string line filtering.  I once had a CGI on our XServer that could read the 
entire box in milliseconds and a search engine interface that could return 
details lists for a over a million files on that box in milliseconds and the 
filters were awesome… by volume + extension or path string etc… then Apple 
killed off xServe we switch to Synology storage and lost a lot of services (and 
also a lot of admin pain too)

So I want to adapt this to run on any local machine. We have FoxTrot Pro… which 
will actually index the contents, but again, some app designers don't know when 
to stop… but typically 98% of the search if a path/filename query if you have 
300,000 image on your hard drive locally and you are building (app|keynote| 
movie |newsletter) then spotlight doesn't cut it… I also have an javasript that 
will drive collections of found files to Adobe's Bridge which then serves as a 
kind of slave for a visible catalogs of search results.

@ Alex: Yes! thanks

 this works adding quotes plus -print

put format ("find ~/ -iname \"*.livecode\" -print") into tShell
put shell(tShell)

A tad slow.. but good enough. Why Apple will not allow locate to index the 
user's home directory is mysterious… probalby is a way.. because the located 
dbase is so much faster and changes are rare enough that running updates on a 
bi-weekly cron would be good enough.

And this in fact goes to documentation for LC… e.g. if we had an LC concordance 
then if you a search for "target" would turn up    

the long owner of the target.. Hmm interesting I search in spotlight for 
dictionary and the typed Concordance (wasn't yet in dictionaryh and hit on 
SSBookConcordance.rev  something that Hugh created.

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    Not sure what $Home is. I didn't know you could refer to your home folder 
that way. But keep in mind that you can change what Spotlight does and does not 
index. you home folder typically is not a place you would create new folders 
and files for. What would be the point to indexing it? 
    Bob S

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