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The more we separate our code/libraries/behaviors from the binary UI,
the more I find myself trying to dispatch call backs or other messages
back to the group/card/stack that has a behavior and not the
individual control: widget/button/field on the card itself, whose job
was simply to intercept a mouse event and server as the target in
higher switch.  So you need to get the long ID

I'm not sure I follow the underlying reasoning here - why not just use 'the long id of the target'?*

The message path means that the message will hit the group/card/stack if not handled in the control (which it won't be, from what you are saying).

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* This is the model used in the engine (e.g. for sockets), and in LCB widgets (which post a message to the script of the widget, which then filters down the message path in the usual way).

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