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local sCurrentFlavorA

function returnCurrentFlavor
    put sCurrentFlavorA["fruit"]
end  returnCurrentFlavor

So now, with debug on you can trace easily where things are happening.  so some way to track, not only 
"where did this come from" (which is what debug stepping is really doing) but to look 
"up"   "Who is asking?"
would be interesting.

I do use getter and setter routines regularly. I think your function is useful, but won't by itself get at the question of "who changed that?", and for that question there are at least two possible methods:

method 1:

local sCurrentFlavorA

command setCurrentFruitFlavorTo pFlavor
  put pFlavor into sCurrentFlavor["fruit"]
end setCurrentFruitFlavorTo

setCurrentFruitFlavorTo "orange"

method 2:

setProp CurrentFruitFlavor pFlavor
  put pFlavor into sCurrentFlavor["fruit"]
end CurrentFruitFlavor

getProp CurrentFruitFlavor
  return sCurrentFlavor["fruit"]
end CurrentFruitFlavor

set the CurrentFruitFlavor of me to "orange"
get the CurrentFruitFlavor of me

By placing breakpoints into either of these methods you can track what sets the values in the debugger, or by placing logging statements into either you can display the stack traces as they fly by:

  put pFlavor into sCurrentFlavor["fruit"]
  put the executionContexts & cr after msg

 Mark Wieder

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