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Mark Wieder wrote:
I do use getter and setter routines regularly. I think your function is useful, but won't by itself get at the question of "who changed that?", and for that question there are at least two possible methods:

method 1:

local sCurrentFlavorA

command setCurrentFruitFlavorTo pFlavor
   put pFlavor into sCurrentFlavor["fruit"]
end setCurrentFruitFlavorTo

setCurrentFruitFlavorTo "orange"

With rare exceptions I use Method 1 almost exclusively.

I do a variant of this ....

local sCurrentFlavorA, sCurrentFlavorSetterA
command setCurrentFruitFlavorTo pFlavor
   put pFlavor into sCurrentFlavorA["fruit"]
   put the executioncontexts into sCurrentFlavorSetterA["fruit"]
end setCurrentFruitFlavorTo

(usually only if in 'development' mode)


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