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> I personally like this idea, and I find it pretty useful. And this does not
> sound too difficult to implement.

That was the flash of insight that triggered me:  something was *already*
happening that could bee piggy-backed.

> But I am not sure if everyone will like it, so if we do it, we should
> probably add a pref to turn it on/off.

That makes sense--but in my narrow proposal, it would only happen if
someone added the comment.

In fact, what I would *like* is modern Fortran style labelling or something
like that, and the ability to the those labels to controls like next and
exit.  This, however, would accomplish so much with so little.

In fact, I think I like Mark's labeling even better, if the preference
could be set to always include that moment on the terminating statement.

And Monte's mouseover tooltip, and the ability to jump to the matching end,
would be great . . .

While such things are being discussed, everyone realizes that indenting is
horribly broken in 8.x, don't they?
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