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Hi all,

My most recent talk at LCG (in October) was 'Building an SVG Widget'
and in order to talk about such a thing, I needed to actually build
one - so I did :)

So, we are now firmly on the road to full SVG support in LiveCode!

For anyone interested in the gory details, I've just submitted the initial PR
containing the implementation I did for LCG:


It consists of around 2000 lines of LCS, and 400 lines of LCB, along with
a specification text file.

This should be considered a Work-In-Progress - the name is currently vectoricon and the persistent state of the widget is not yet stable. The former will get updated when we finally decide on a suitable name; the latter will get updated when I've finished planning the fine details of the initial set of properties
it needs.

The widget itself is really easy to use - you drag one out and set the 'svgText' property of the widget to the content of an SVG file (i.e. the actual XML text, not a filename). If the SVG has a 'viewBox' top-level attribute, then that area of the (SVG) 'canvas' will be scaled to fit into the widget's rect; otherwise the
canvas will be rendered as defined.

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